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Most Venomous Snake or MVS for short is a sole proprietorship owned by Nick Stark (me) and my wife Lyndsay.  We currently live in Loveland, Colorado just minutes from the Rocky Mountains.  We are however planning to move in the near future; we won't be going far. 

    My adventure into the reptile world began rather innocently, with box turtles given to me by my aunt, all of which were rescued animals.  In 1986 as a reward for a "good" report card, my parents bought me a mississippi mud turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis),Oscar, she was with us for 22 years until she passed in January 2008.  The first snake that I was allowed to keep was a Garter snake (Thamnophis m. marianus) that I caught on Easter in 1991.  Sneaky, who received the name from her numerous escapes was with us for 16 years before her passing in 2007.  I wasn't hooked until Zeus, an eight foot long Colombian that intimidated me at first but as I became more comfortable with her, proved to be an awesome pet.  

    Lyndsay and I met in October of 2002 and my friends were quick to point out that I kept snakes.  To their surprise, it wasn't enough to chase her away.  After being engaged for nearly three years, we finally got married on June 3, 2006 at the backbone events center in Loveland.  We had a great day, all of our family and close friends were there.  Here's one of my favorite videos.

 Together our collection of animals has steadily grown to around 150 adult snakes and Lyndsays' ever growing group of leopard geckos.  I graduated from Colorado State University and have been involved in a lengthy legal/medical situation.  Lyndsay works full time as a preschool teacher and we spend as much time as we can with our animals and our wonderful little girl. 

   She's here!  Mattingly Shea Ferne was born on March 8 2007 weighing in at 7lbs and 11ounces (Which just happens to be her Grandma's birthday.)  She is a beautiful little girl that is sure to get spoiled.  There are a few pictures below with many more to come.

    I must say that none of this would have been possible if I didn't have the most wonderful and indeed tolerant parents in the world.  While not fond of reptiles in the beginning, they have been supportive of everything that I have done and even enjoy the animals now.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

The newest member of our family, Mattingly, a beautiful little girl!